Bachelor of Architecture

PMCA follows a teaching and learning strategy which encourages the faculty to plan, implement, monitor, evaluate (through internal & external evaluation) and finally analyze (result and feedback) and map the Programme Outcome. The teaching- learning in the Institute is reflected in the continuous assessment that is done based on the Learning Outcomes of various topics by the students. Attainment of Programme Outcomes and Course Outcome is evaluated by the Institution.

The institute prepares its own Academic Calendar (both for undergraduate and postgraduate program) at the beginning of each academic session adhering to the Academic Calendar of the University. The main focus of coursework delivery or Program Outcome is to equip students with sufficient updated information and efficient skills required to face the challenges in the future.

PMCA gives plenty of opportunities to students to bring about a change in the conventional learning process through various workshops on traditional and contemporary architectural topics. Regular innovative workshops are conducted to expose students to the art of space makings and to sensitize them to issues of the built environment.
Taking part in architectural workshops gives students the opportunity to deepen their professional knowledge and skills to form and develop the creative component through the introduction to the principles and methods of architectural design, and in presentation of their ideas.
Guest lectures are hosted by the Institute on a regular basis so that the students are exposed to new developments in the field through regular Industry sponsored interactions which makes them Industry ready.
PMCA organized a three-day design workshop on “Exploring Spatial Organization” with the acclaimed architect & academician Ar. Punita Mehta. Students had a thrilling learning experience where they thought, created, analyzed and inferenced their own creations. Such a design marathon of three rigorous days excited and motivated them to further heights.

Study tours and field visits play an integral part in acquainting students with the architectural heritage of our country as well as creating awareness about the latest developments in cost effective and conservation techniques of vernacular as well as in contemporary architecture.

The Wall Painting event in Sammunnati Conclave organised in N.Delhi from 9th to 15th Dec by Ministry of Culture and Council of Architecture

“Imagine a visual journey where the mundane transforms into the mystical. Through our ordinary eyes, architecture stands tall, defined by form and structure. But as the third eye, the Ajna, opens, a veil lifts, revealing a hidden layer of enchantment. Mythological beings materialize, dancing amidst the pillars, while elements of ancient tales weave through the bricks and mortar, breathing life into the stoic facades. Each building becomes a canvas where the fantastical meets the tangible, creating a surreal tapestry where reality and mythology converge.”


Thesis project titled “A Sanctum of Narratives and Memories” by our alumnus of 2019, Ujjayant Bhattacharya won the World Architecture Award Cycle 34.