The college leadership is visionary and participative besides having a democratic approach. The leadership provides a dynamic vision and sets achievable goals for the institute with a focus on providing a cohesive, contextual and nurturing environment for teaching and learning activities.

There is excellent co-action between Management, Principal and faculty members for consistent enhancement in quality policy as envisaged and monitored through the Quality Assurance Committees (QAC) at institutional level.
The Program Educational Objectives and Course Outcomes are clearly spelt out at the beginning of each academic session. These are reviewed through quarterly meetings with the Academic Heads.

There is a Governing Council that takes important policy decisions. The functioning of the institute is at five different levels of student, faculty, proctors, Academic coordinators for each year & Dean – Academic and Principal/ Governing Board. There are also other committees like – Operations planning, Examination, Hostels and Co-curricular committees as part of the administrative set up.