Bachelor of Architecture

Architecture is the timeless way of building…. A work of art that transcends time….. A mute evidence of it’s creator- the architect’s craft .
Truly great architecture is fathomless, abounds in meanings and choice. It is also a great narrator that speaks to the senses of the user. It can be amazing and awe-inspiring at once. Such is the power of architecture!

Architects are visualizers and the torch-bearers of the future. Their craft has to be meaningful and connect with people and the landscape . It has to be responsive to the context and engage with the needs of the place.

It is therefore imperative that the younger generation has to be made aware of their socio-cultural ethos, heritage and tradition and thereby develop their own appropriate strategies for development.

The B.Arch program at PMCA, therefore, focuses on the development of sensitive, thought leaders and conscientious professionals while being holistic in their approach.

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