Innovative Programmes


Just like no two art forms can be alike, architecture also imbibes a unique school of thought wherever it is being practiced. The designs which the students are required to evolve are direct reflexes of their instincts, followed by reasoning and then rationalizing into practical grounds. Hence, each and every endeavor that architectural institutes undertake, innovation becomes an integrated part of it.

PMCA gives plenty of opportunities to the students to bring about a change in the conventional, through studios, short term exercises and workshops.

This section gives a brief understanding of the innovative programmes and workshops that were carried out in the past 3 years.


This was a 4 day workshop that aimed to bring out the creative innovativeness of the students to look at futuristic situations.

A situation was hypothesized as the end of the world and rehabilitating the same with a handful of survivors living in Mars and wish to resettle on Earth.

The students were required to conjecture the living conditions and quality requirements of people and then design a city through ‘Conceptual’ and finally present their understanding through a block model.

Images showing the development process of thoughts and actions that was conceptualized through innovative ideas using modern and emerging revolutionary technologies and blending the same with traditional qualities of living.




This was a 2 day workshop intended to study the relationship between time, space and people.

The study area was Chandni Chowk, Cuttack whereby around 15 students were required to observe and analyze the situation during different times of the day.

The findings showed that the same space behaves differently for various people performing activities and that the success of a space to relate with time and people depends primarily on the flexibility factor derived from the built structures, user-behavioral pattern and diverse mix of activity-choices within.



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