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Organized by PMCA, this was an eight-day guided study tour that included visit to various sites with an introduction to Dzong architecture , some sports activities like river rafting, hiking at tiger’s nest, etc.



A group of 30 students and faculty members from PMCA, Cuttack visited Sri Lanka from 8th to 16th of May 2014. The programme was a part of T.E.L.E- Travel Enabled Learning Experience endeavor mooted by ASPIRE- ARCHIPIDIA in collaboration with ABIT-PMCA. This was also the first of its kind joint curated architectural tour of the island.

The students visited Colombo, Kandy, Dambulla, Galle and Negombo among others to study the architecture of the legendary Sir Geoffrey Bawa, the celebrated architect from Sri Lanka. Each of the locations were explored in detail and observations made were documented.

The students were exposed to the varied culture and vernacular building practices in the tropical island which in itself was an enriched addition to their architectural insight and vocabulary. This learning experience will be documented as a research article.



A team of thirteen students of P.M.C.A.,Cuttack along with Ar. Maitreyee Mishra,Associate Professor , P.M.C.A.visited UK to participate in a Summer School held at Lincoln School of Architecture, University of Lincoln from 9th July  to 20th July 2013.

The Summer School on ‘ Rethinking  Architecture‘was an intensive 10 days program that comprised lectures, seminars on Urban design and Sustainability, workshops, studio project works and included trips to London, Hill Holt Wood and York.

Students were asked to do the site analysis of a live site and prepare proposals as per requirement in a different perspective. They were guided by the professors of the host university and were given some lectures on relevant topics by Practicing Architects, Academics and Guest Speakers mostly from the UK. It helped them in learning different techniques of analysis and its implementation in design proposals, use of soft ware in the field and its benefits, environmental considerations in various modern buildings including tall buildings.

Field trips and tours to historic, sustainable and contemporary buildings in Lincoln, Hill Holt Wood and London were of great help in understanding the socio-cultural aspect of the country to a certain extent, contemporary style of architecture, materials and construction technology and also use of alternative materials and technologies in construction for environmental benefit.

There were other competitions such as ‘Me and my City’, ‘Me and the City’, Photography etc. Students of P.M.C.A. competed with other students of different Architecture colleges from India who were part of the same program and won prizes in these competitions. Rahul Bose and Shreya Dey got the1st and 2nd prize respectively for ‘Me and my City’, Ahwan Patra got the 2nd prize for photography and Soumyashree Pattnaik, Pratiksha Barua and Ahwan Patra were appreciated for the analysis of the urban design project.


The 10 - days long program ended with prize and certificate distribution along with cultural shows by the participants in Lincoln Cathedral.

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