Sensitizing Sustainability Workshop' 2016


by IDE, Kolkata

at PMCA on 16th and 17th Sept’ 2016

An exciting 2 day workshop on Sensitizing Sustainability conducted by Ms. Sangita Kapoor, Proprietor of IDE, Kolkata along with other eminent speakers from pan India at PMCA  on  16th - 17th  Sept was a grand success in terms of active participation and interaction with the experts in this field.

The students were involved in Group Discussions, Exercise sessions and frequent brainstorming debates.

The Program started with the brief introduction to Sustainability led by Ms. Sangita Kapoor. She advocated about the design aptitude that the architects and designers should have and adopt the alternative choices which are sustainable. She also emphasized on the Global Warming issues.

Later, she highlighted on alternative energies, carbon footprints, embodied energy of different materials and how they eventually affect the whole process of environmental degradation. 

Dr. Mukti Mishra swayed the whole crowd of young minds by his inspiring words and ideas that changed his life. He, with his wise words explained the importance of sustainability and how important it is to address to the need of the hour. 

Dr. Sutapa Pati explained about Green Buildings and Sustainable Habitats. She conducted an interactive group exercise on Green Rating Systems which made the whole process very exciting and interesting at the same time. 

It was followed by Ms. Sangita Kapoor’s lecture on Solid Waste Management and other related topics like minimizing waste and the process of Composting.

The first day of the workshop was concluded by another fun and learning sustainable exercise.

Ar. Kalyan Chakravarty began the 2nd day of Workshop by giving a detailed lecture on the topic- Water: Precious Resource. He stressed on current issues like Rain Water Harvesting & Water in Landscape. Later, he had an interactive session with the students on the topic "Waste Water Management".

Again after a short tea break, the program continued with the presentation by Ms. Sangita Kapoor about Life Cycle Thinking:  Materials, Building,and Products.

Ar. Laurent Fournier then started a general discussion about Energy Efficient Habitats. After his brief introduction to the topic, he highlighted the use of Alternative Building Techniques to create a difference. How to achieve great sustainable designs using Locally Available Materials & Skills was another important part of his presentation.

To conclude the 2 Day Workshop, the eminent speakers along with the faculty members from PMCA chose to have an open discussion with the students about everything that was showcased and explained instead of having a panel discussion. 

The discussion ended up with some strong questions which every student must ponder upon before taking up any project. Few of them being-

  • Is Design an attitude rather than a profession?
  • Is Design a Choice of what we do & how we do it?
  • Is there a link between Design and Innovation?
  • How does design impact Sustainability?


All in all, it was an eye opening series of events which is surely going to benefit the students in their future endeavors in this field and beyond. The crying need is for sustainable development which aims at development which does not have a negative impact on the environment. Careful use of the resources and maximum use of non-conventional energy sources will enable us to attain sustainable development.

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