Product Design Workshop' 2016




A 3 days’ workshop was conducted by Ar. Amit Bhattacharya at PMCA to make the participants understand the role of an architect in product design process. In this, the students needed to explore the thought process of innovative ideas and out of the box thinking!

The domains for which the Products were to be designed are:

  • Dining
  • Office
  • Kitchen

The workshop was conducted in the following stages:

  • Introduction to Product Design as a profession: The product designer's role is to combine art, science, and technology to create new products that people can use. Their evolving role has been facilitated by digital tools that now allow designers to communicate, visualize, analyze and actually produce tangible ideas in a way that would have taken greater manpower in the past. This process is usually completed by a group of people, i.e. industrial designers, field experts, engineers, etc. depending upon the products involved. The process focuses on figuring out what is required, brainstorming possible ideas, creating mock prototypes and then generating the product.
  • Introduction of product brief to the participants.
  • Execution of the design by the participants with physical model.
  • Submission of sheets and model to the coordinator.
  • Evaluation and further exhibition of the product.

Design Considerations:

  • Innovation
  • Functionality and multi-use
  • Graphics
  • Color and Texture
  • Aesthetics
  • Durability

There was a pre-selection round in which brief was introduced in 1st week of September, 2016. All the students had to clear a selection process before the participation in the workshop. Selection of the students was performance based. Selected students then had to register on the next day of the publication of selection list.


This 3 days’ workshop turned out to be a great success with active participation of students. Everyone came out with very creative and innovative ideas and the purpose of “out of the box thinking” was served very nicely.


Gallery of Students' Work:




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