Socially shared streets


 Ar Prasanna Desai, an eminent Urban Designer and presently the Director of PVPCOA, Pune visited the college on 17th and 18th of March and helped students with a street makeover exercise as a part of 4th year Urban Design course. The class was divided into groups of 5 members each and asked to study and document the developments and activities along selected streets in Cuttack. 6 stretches were then selected for further detailing out of proposals.

The students were exposed to The idea of Safe & Socially Shared Streets - to help CONNECT COMMUNITIES - Innovative  Concepts  in  Making  of  Smart  Cities  ( An  Equitable Distribution of Road  Space cum Role of  Design with People’s Participation for better Quality of Life for Citizens in an Urban Neighbourhood )

 Safety of pedestrians along with a good Quality of Life is one of the most important issues that need to be addressed in the urban situation. Case studies of success stories of projects undertaken by P Desai Architects in Pune were discussed at length.

 The intensive deliberations demonstrated the need for design based interventions that can be taken up by Architects, Urban Designers, Planners (who can be termed as the Doctors of the City) which does not necessarily require large investment but certainly needs understanding of the ground situation, behavioural patterns of all users, active public participation, support from the administration & a strong political will.


Both faculty and students participated excitedly in the workshop exercise.


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