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There is an active interface with society by Piloo Mody School of Architecture which played a pivotal role in the contribution to the society. It is located in the 1000 year old city of Cuttack ,in the upcoming Bidanasi area, which is fast becoming the hub of activity. Cuttack has witnessed many dynasties like Marathas, Mughals, British etc. This city started growing from the premises of Barabati fort. It further developed on the banks of Mahanadi River upto College Square under the colonial period. All the heritage buildings are seen here. After independence the city further developed towards the banks of river Kathajodi.

Piloo Mody School of Architecture has contributed in the conservation of the rich heritage and culture of Orissa by educating students about the design of the total built environment, from the macro level of how a building integrates with its surrounding urban landscape, to the micro level of architectural or construction details and furniture. Some of the projects which are the essential needs of the city and also for the state of Orissa in general are:

  • Study and conservation of historical monuments and Heritage buildings of Orissa.

  • Revitalization of Sahis of Puri

  • Riverfront design along River Kathjodi

  • Minimalistic approach to urban design in parts of Cuttack city

  • Redesign of the Badambadi bus terminus

  • Geriatric Centre in Cuttack

  • Transit camps for Flood hit areas.

  • Besides this it has been actively involved in Community Development Programs like

  • Blood donation camps in the institute

  • Tree plantation drives in Cuttack city





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